Training & Advice

The power of IT knowledge

  • Corporate Training Programs

    Get your workforce up to speed in IT.

    As professional trainers, we've been training for over 15 years in the corporate environment. We can offer your company a tailored IT program to get your staff up to date with software packages such as Microsoft™ Windows and Office.

    What we offer:

    > We come to your office, saving you hundred of pounds in staff travel expenditure
    > Classes up to 10 individuals (average is 6)
    > Flexible in terms of program content and delivery method, tailored to your needs
    > Microsoft certified training in Windows/Office (level 1 and 2)
    > IT basic troubleshooting

    Why invest in staff training in IT?

    > Increase personal skills
    > Increase productivity
    > Increase business opportunity
    > Increase job satisfaction
    > Increase employee retention
    > Stay current in the market

    The reasons for software training vary from business to business, but one universal reason is company income, whether that be through savings or increased revenues.

    Speak to us to design a program tailored to your business needs.

    • Personal Tuition and "Freetime"

      Learn from us, one on one.

      > We come to you, so you work on your familiar system
      > Choose from a specific program (Microsoft Office/Internet basics etc.) or use "freetime" to ask us anything in your own time
      > Increase your IT proficiency for your personal benefit or job prospect
      > Book between 1h and 4h sessions per visit

      Our services can match your requirement, why not get in touch to see how we can help.