• System Setup

    Complete home system installation for desktop/laptop

    Why take the shine off owning a new PC or Mac by wading through manuals and wrestling with masses of cables? Let us do a hassle free installation for you. Unlike most other installation services available out there, we'll also backup and restore your documents from previous computers to your shiny new machine!

    > Consultation on installation and your choice of "talk me through it" or "just do it"
    > Unpack and check your PC and peripherals
    > Setup your operating system, user accounts and passwords
    > Install peripherals and owned software¹
    > Connect your computer to your existing router and set up your existing Internet and email account
    > Configure security and parental controls
    > Install Windows Updates
    > Create recovery media DVD
    > Restore your documents from previous computer(s) if applicable

    ¹ Note that only legitimate software that you own can be installed, subject to new operating system requirements. Peripheral installation is also subject to new operating system drivers being available.

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    Estimated completion time: 90-120 minutes.
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    • Home Network Setup

      The freedom of Wifi, delivered.

      Having a wireless network in your home gives you the freedom to do some pretty cool stuff with technology. You can browse the internet around your home, stream your music, movies and photos, share printers and more.

      Our Home Network installation service takes the hassle and confusion out of getting your network up and running. Once you've bought your wireless router and broadband Internet connection we'll come to your home and get you up and running in no time!

      > Quick consultation to understand your requirements.
      > Set up your wireless router and connect up to 2 PCs to your new network. If you need more than 2 PCs setting up we can add this in to the installation for £10 per unit.
      > Configure your router so that your network is safe and secure.
      > Set up your printer, file sharing and Internet connection on all networked PCs.
      > Fully test your network and show you how it works. We'll remind you of any passwords set up.
      > Give you a full service report and answer any questions you may have.

      Confused about which wireless router or internet service to choose? We can advise you on this too, and if you wish, even do the purchase on your behalf and bring the equipment on the day of your installation.

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      Estimated completion time: 15-45 minutes.
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