Our expertise, delivered through the cloud!

  • Experience the magic of RemoteAssist

    Wherever your are in the world, we can help with RemoteAssist. As long as you have a broadband connection with at least 2MBps, we can remotely repair or troubleshoot your computer without the need for a technican to be physically with you.

    How does it work?

    Once you select a compatible RemoteAssist service (see cloud icon for availability), you will receive an email to confirm the service, date and time. You do need to be in front of you computer at the start of the service. You will need to download and install a free program that will allow our consultant to temporarily take over your computer. Roughly 5-10 minutes before the start of the service, you will have to launch the program and send your consultant the ID/Password created for the session.

    During the work, you will be able to see what the consultant is doing. You can either ask for a running commentary of the work being done (by voice, video or text conversation). If you need to leave your computer, you can, we can get on with the work once we have established what is needed. We can even reboot and retake control directly from our office location.

    What about security and privacy?

    As always, your privacy and security is our top concern. The login ID and password provided will only ever be used once. When the work is complete, we will remove the reference from the connection we have made, and you can uninstall the RemoteAssist software easily and securely. During the work itself, and per our customer data privacy policy, we will only access areas that you are happy for us to, and of course, you can see our consultant work on your own screen, live!

    Our customer data privacy promise

    Why choose RemoteAssist?

    > Can be accessed from anywhere in the world rather than limited to our geographic coverage
    > No consultant call-out fee to pay
    > Pay upfront, guaranteed set price
    > Quick, hassle-free service

    Look out for this symbol for compatible services: