Evidence Investigation

  • Computer Evidence Investigation

    When you need to know...

    People use computers for everything, some of which may be negative, including cheating you, hiding money, having an affair and just about every other thing you can imagine. Suspicious images, chat rooms conversations, emails, passwords... Most can be detected, extracted and printed if required.

    Most investigations will require us to have access to the target computer for 30-60 minutes at a time when the user isn't present, so please keep this in mind when booking your appointment.

    The evidence can either be seen immediately if the user hasn't secured the information, or we may need to install an invisible tracking software which will take 2-3 weeks to collect information. We would then return for a second appointment in order to extract the data.

    The evidence returned can make for painful reading. Be prepared for the emotional impact this may have, and always make sure you are comfortable with the investigation. Our technician will discuss this with you prior to starting the work.¹

    ¹ Due to the nature of this service, we reserve the right to refuse the user's request after a legal/privacy assessment.



    Estimated completion time: from 120-240 minutes.

    * Please note that the work undertaken is payable from the start, whether the information found on the system satisfies your suspicion or not. From price refers to the basic investigation work, if the target computer is a personal computer without corporate firewall or protection installed. If the target computer is protected by corporate security software, we will quote you a new price to reflect the additional work required to access the information.